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  Perfecting Your Homepage

In the last lesson we got all of our content on our homepage in the order and layout we wanted, but we didn't adjust many of the default style settings for the modules we used. In this lesson, we're going to look at some of the many ways we can adjust the appearance of content on our pages using the Divi Builder's module options.

In the video below (just over 17 minutes) I demonstrate adjusting some design settings on the homepage I've built. Below the video you'll find links that I reference during the video.

Watch the video below and go through your homepage making your own adjustments to get your homepage content just right.

What about my logo, colors, and fonts?

Don't worry - we're getting to those customizations in the next lesson! These customizations are taught in a separate lesson because they take effect over your entire website. Think of them as 'global styles' for your website. These customizations are also made in two areas we haven't yet seen - Divi Theme Options, and the Theme Customizer.

Move onto the next lesson to start customizing these global styles.